Impact of the PSE in India, Kenya & Russia: Country Case Studies

The study examines philanthropy support organisations (PSOs) in India, Russia and Kenya, to understand
their role in driving the growth and development of philanthropy, of giving, and private social investment in
these countries. The study examines the development of the sector in each country, by assessing its size,
scope and other characteristics. There is some attempt to understand the individual and collective impact of
PSOs in each country.

Through the analysis of existing data and literature, as well as interviews and surveys with 65 PSOs and their
clients in these three countries, the study takes a deep dive into the proven and perceived impact of PSOs on
philanthropy; the factors contributing to PSOs’ evolution; the progress and challenges that PSOs have made
by describing and measuring their impact, and recommendations for PSOs and their investors in order to
further increase their impact.