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Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program is aimed to help educational institutions to use diverse means to develop skills among students and staff to prepare for the graduate students for the opportunities and experiences of later life, to equip students and professors with the capacity to understand and operate successfully in the society. Promoting the need for interdisciplinary, multi-sector cooperation, academic mobility, partnerships, teaching others and bringing them together are highly valuable parts of the Programs. A vital element is social skills. Such skills not only help students in their future careers, but are essential to wellbeing of relationships in society both in the current and the next generation. 

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Success Stories

  • Aberdeen Sean Allister

    In Sochi he received his MSA diploma with honors, visited Moscow during an opening of the “Luzhniki” stadium after its reconstruction, had a successful practice with the football school “Junior” in Kazan city

  • Adhiambo Sarah Susan

    Susan has a number of achievements in a big tennis. During her studies in the RIOU, Susan visited national tennis centre in Moscow and managed to establish contacts with the Russian Tennis Federation.