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Our Team

(en) Члены команды

Larisa Zelkova

Chair of the Board

Oksana Oracheva

General Director

Ksenia Bashkirova

Finance Manager

Elena Bayukova

Finance director - Chief Accountant

Darya Bolotinskaya

Project Manager

Anna Dobrynina

Project Assistant

Ksenia Filatova

Administrative and HR manager

Oksana Fodina

Program Director

Anna Gegeleva


Julia Grozovskaya

Communications Director

Aleksei Kazakov

Project manager

Alexander Ketsaris

IT Specialist

Irina Kovalevskaya


Anastasia Kumaritova

Director of the legal department

Irina Lapidus

Program Director

Yulia Lizicheva

Program Director

Anastasia Peskova

Project Manager

Natalia Shulgina

Program Director

Roman Sklotskiy

Director of the Philanthropy Development Center

Yulia Sukhenko

Project Manager

Natalia Sukhorukova

Project Manager

Larisa Tipikina

Program specialist

Polina Yung

Personal assistant