Irina Lapidus

Program Director

Irina joined the Foundation team in September 2015. Since December 2018 in the role of Impact&Learning Director Irina has been responsible for studying the long-term impact of the Foundation's programs and systematizing successful experience and best practices in all areas of the Foundation’s activities. Before that, she was in charge of developing and implementing charity programs aimed at promoting museum-related activities in Russia.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Irina was involved with strategic and day-to-day planning of the activities of non-profit organizations and charity programs, assessing the institutional development of non-profit organizations, developing and introducing new methodologies, standards, policies, procedures, and contest mechanisms for non-profit organizations. She also worked for the New Economic School, the META Education Foundation, the Evolution management Company, the New Eurasia Foundation for the Promotion of Social Development, the Eurasia Foundation corporation(US).

Irina graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics faculty of Moscow State University and the New Economic School with degrees in Global Economics and Macroeconomics.